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Education & Camps

The Kroc Center is committed to building a strong community, and that starts with educating the adults of tomorrow. The Kroc’s youth programs and camps combine developmental learning, mentorship, team building and more in a fun atmosphere where kids will feel comfortable learning, being active and making new friends.

Education & Camps Program Highlights

Camp Kroc

Summer camp at The Kroc gives children the opportunity to engage in fun-filled activities in a safe and positive environment, and promotes the development of the whole child through structured group activities to improve socialization and boost self-confidence.

Archery Levels 1 & 2

Included in Membership!

Archery Level 1 (Ages 9-18)- This class will focus on everything you need to know about safely handle the equipment and the proper technique to shoot and hit the target. This class includes fun games to compete in and you’ll be on your way to becoming a master archer. A liability waiver sign by a parent or guardian is required prior to the first class.

Archery Level 2 (Ages 9-18) – Archery level 2 is the next step in becoming a master archer. This class will allow you to participate in fun games and compete in an inter-squad league. You will challenge your skills while putting your aim to the test! Archery one must be completed before taking advance levels. Notes: Level 1 Archery must be completed prior to signing up for level 2. 

Kids in the Kitchen (Ages 9-12)

Included in Membership!

You are never too young to learn to how to cook.  Kids will be taught about equipment and food safety while using kitchen tools, read recipes and make a delicious dish each week. 

Kids Pottery

In this course, kids are encouraged to use their creativity to learn basic foundational skills for pottery. Students in this course should expect to take home 2-3 projects. In this class, creativity is the limit!

Lego Club

Lego Club puts your child’s imagination to the test! Youth will be building different LEGO structures based off the theme for the week. Kids will be able to use their creativity to design buildings, cars, and other structures with their friends.

Robots (Ages 9-12)

Included in Membership!

Come and explore the amazing science of robotics. Kids will get the opportunity to interact and program 4 different types of robots: Lego, Sphero, Ollie and Dash.  These robots will introduce kids to coding skills and problem solving. 

Snack Attack! (Ages 6-12)

Included in Membership!

Start the new year off right by making healthy food choices fun to learn about!  Kids will play games, do crafts, make healthy snacks and read stories to understand why good healthy habits should last a lifetime.

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