THE KROC CENTER & COVID-19: The Omaha Kroc Center is working hard to keep you safe and limit the spread of Covid-19. For the most up-to-date information, please visit This Page.

Mon–Fri: 5am–8pm  |  Sat: 8am–5pm
SUN: CLOSED (Sunday Worship Only, 11am)

POOL HOURS Adults Only: Mon–Fri: 7am–12pm
Open Swim: Mon, Wed, Fri: 4pm–7pm | Sat 12pm–4pm

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The Kroc Center’s rates and policies are subject to change. Visit our policy pages to view the most up-to-date information and details.

Code of Conduct & Discipline Policy

The Salvation Army Kroc Center is committed to providing an enjoyable, safe, and secure experience for our members and guests. In order to assist in maintaining this objective video cameras have been placed in various locations. Activities or actions that violate the law, threaten the safety of our guests and employees, disrupt our family environment and business, or are inconsistent with the general purpose of the Kroc Center will not be allowed on our campus.

The Kroc Center is privately owned, and individuals determined to be in violation of our facility rules or code of conduct may be suspended from the facility or have facility usage privileges permanently removed.

Code of Conduct

Disruptive actions or activities that will result in response by management:

  • Patrons determined to be routinely inconsiderate or disrespectful to other patrons or staff.
  • Patrons that mistreat or damage property or equipment.
  • Profanity, vulgar or threatening language and/or inappropriate body or hand gestures.
  • Fighting, roughhousing or disorderly conduct.
  • Entering the facility without checking in and/or paying the appropriate admission fee.
  • Excessive loitering.
  • Being under the influence of and/or in the possession of alcohol or drugs.

Facility Rules

  • The facility is an Alcohol, Smoke and Tobacco (including vaping) free area.
  • All weapons are prohibited, with the exception of on-duty or on-call law enforcement officials, whose weapon(s) must remain on their person at all times while at the Kroc Center.
  • Illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, or solicitation of drugs or vaping are not allowed.
  • No outside food or beverage is allowed. Food and beverage consumption is limited to designated areas only.
  • Children 11 years and younger must be accompanied at all times by a paying participant 16 years or older.
  • Activities deemed a liability or that are inherently dangerous are not allowed. Examples include, but are not limited to, skateboarding, hover boarding, etc.
  • Shirts and shoes are required throughout the facility except for designated areas such as locker rooms and the Aquatics Center.
  • Dress should be appropriate to a family environment and consistent with the positive environment we are trying to create. Dress identified as gang apparel; revealing clothing such as short shorts, halter or tube tops, sagging pants, short tops or other clothing with visible undergarments; and clothing that displays or promotes banned activities or with vulgar or derogatory wording are not permitted.
  • School age children will not be allowed in the center during school hours, when school is in session, unless accompanied by an adult.
  • No solicitation by any outside group or organization can be made on the property without express permission from Kroc leadership.
  • Registered sex offenders are not allowed on any part of the Kroc Campus. As part of our commitment to the safety of children and vulnerable persons, the Kroc Center reserves the right to consult public sources to determine whether any member or guest of any member poses an unreasonable risk of harm to its patrons, staff, or visitors.

The Kroc Center Administration is the sole arbiter of what violates building standards – lists provided are to be considered examples and not necessarily a complete list of prohibited activities or actions.

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